Garden Rescue

Garden Rescue 1.0

Garden Rescue is an arcade game in which you need to save a garden
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Garden Rescue is an arcade game in which you need to save a garden from its natural enemies: insects and worms. The plants there can be harvested to get money, which in turn will be used to buy the necessary resources. The bugs will come in groups and will follow a definite way, so you can put different types of defenses in their way. When planning your defenses, it is important to take into account the type of targets (air or ground), because there will be specific weapons for each of them. In addition, you might want to place them where they can cause more damage to the enemies. These weapons can sometimes be upgraded, but it will cost you money. Some other defenses will slow down the bugs so that they remain longer within the fire range of other weapons. Springs, for instance, act like mines, which will make the bug blow up. Sometimes you will get bonuses and power-ups as rewards for your efforts.

In order to win a level, you will have to defeat all the attacking bugs. Otherwise, if you fail to protect your plants from being eaten or stolen, you will have lost the level. You will have to beware of the Boss, a powerful bug capable of neutralizing defenses and who is immune to some weapons like springs. As you advance in the game, levels will get increasingly difficult, as the bugs will move faster and have stronger protections.

Garden Rescue is an interesting game with a gardening theme. In this respect, it will serve as an educational resource for children, who will understand the value of crops and the necessity to protect them. Accordingly, although in a very simple manner, it will teach them integrated biological pest control strategies. However, once the children become interested in the topic, you can encourage them to use the accompanying encyclopedia to learn more about it.

The game has 30 levels and provides three levels of difficulty (private, sergeant and general). In addition, there are controls to make the game run faster or to stop it. It can also be set to display help tips, as in a tutorial. Although the graphics are simple, they are quite attractive. The music, though a little repetitive, is not annoying.

To sum up, if you are looking for a game to entertain your kids for a while and make them learn a little about cropping, Garden Rescue can be a great choice.

Belkis Díaz
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  • It has a nice theme
  • It has increasingly difficult levels
  • It has nice graphics
  • It offers three game modes
  • It can be used for educational purposes


  • The music is repetitive
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